Thursday, January 31, 2013

Android Stock Messaging Application with Google Voice Help


How does Stock Messaging App with Google Voice work?
We have rebuilt Android Stock Messaging application with Google Voice support. In essence, our application will allow you to receive and send Google Voice and carrier texts within the same application.

Our application will use your data plan or WIFI (when available) for your Google Voice texts. As sending and receiving Google Voice texts will go over your data plan / WIFI, you won't be charged for incoming and outgoing Google Voice texts.

If I upgrade to PRO version, do I still have to buy this application for my other devices?
No, when the application prompts you to upgrade to PRO version, your purchase will be associated with your email address. As long as you are using the same email address on your other devices, if you download this app as a trial, it will automatically become the PRO version. If you uninstall, and want to reinstall in the future, since you have already purchased it, when you download the trial version, it will automatically become PRO version again.  So in essence, you will need to purchase the app only one time! Thank you

How to prevent getting double notifications after installing Stock Messaging App with Google Voice?
After installing Stock Messaging App with Google Voice, there are few steps you need to do in order to prevent your phone getting double notifications. Google Voice application itself will display you notifications for new texts as well as the stock messaging application. Now, since you also have our version of stock messaging application with Google Voice, it will also display you notifications for new texts. This can be quite frustrating. But don't worry. All you need to do is to open up each application, and disable their notification for new texts. After then, you will receive notifications only on "Stock Messaging App with GV" application.

Please follow the below directions in order to disable double notifications for new texts on Android Stock Messaging application and Google Voice.

Disable new notifications on Google Voice application.
Open up Google Voice application.
Go to settings
Go to Sync and Notifications from the settings screen.
Click on Receive text messages.
Choose "Via the Google Voice app"
Uncheck "Text notifications"

After following all of these steps, your Google Voice settings should look like this.

Disable new notifications on previous stock messaging application
Open up stock (default Android) messaging application
Go to Settings screen
Uncheck "Notifications"

After following all of these steps, your Stock Messaging Application settings should look like this.

After disabling notifications on Google Voice and previous stock messaging application, you will receive notifications on only "Stock Messaging App with GV".

Do I still need to have Google Voice application installed on my phone if I want to use Stock Messaging App with GV?
Yes, our application uses existing Google Voice application, therefore, you don't need to share your Google credentials with us.

Will Stock Messaging App with GV drain my Android's battery?
No, our application uses Google Voice push notifications, and runs only when you receive a text and send a text. Therefore, you will not notice any battery usage on your phone.

Can I also send MMS from my Google Voice number with using Stock Messaging App with GV?
Unfortunately, Google Voice doesn't support MMS. When you send MMS within our application, it will go through from your phones carrier.

I bought the Stock Messaging App with GV, will I be charged for the upcoming updates?
No, you will receive life time free updates.

Will Stock Messaging App with GV work on custom (modified) ROMs?
Yes, It should work on most of the custom (modified) ROMs. However, there's no way for us to guarantee it will work on all of them. If you are on a custom ROM and this application works fine, please do email us at, so we can include your ROM in the supported ROMs.
If Stock Messaging App with GV doesn't work on your ROM, please email us, we will try everything to make it work on your custom ROM.

How do I set this application to use Google Voice all the time, instead of asking me what to use each time I send a text?
When you open the app, hit the menu key, then open up "Settings"
You will see a setting "Compose New Text Using", click on that.
Choose Google Voice from the list. You are all set. You can reverse this action by going back to this setting.

Can Messaging+Google Voice send the text based on where the text was received from (either on your Google Voice account, or carrier) - Smart Reply?
Yes. This is exactly what Smart Reply does.
Go to Messaging+Google Voice app.
Hit the menu key, go to Settings.
Under Google Voice section, you will see a "Smart Reply" checkbox. Enable it.
You are all set.

* Note : If this option is enabled, you won't be prompted if you want to use Google Voice or Carrier for the outgoing messages. The app will send the message with either Google Voice or carrier, based on where the "last text on the thread" was received from. 

Here's an example :
You get a text on your Google Voice number.  Messaging + Google Voice receives it. If you reply, you won't see the Compose Text With popup. It will automatically use Google Voice. Because the last text on that thread came from Google Voice.

You get a text on your carrier number. Messaging + Google Voice receives it. If you reply, you won't see the Compose Text With popup. It will automatically use your carrier service as the last text on that thread was received on your carrier number.

When I send a text, I no longer see "SENDING VIA GOOGLE VOICE". What happened?
Please read the above section. You probably turned the Smart Reply option on. Please go to settings and turn it off.

I found a bug / have a recommendation for the app, what should I do?
Please email us at about your recommendation or the bug you have found on our application. Our goal is to make our application the best. If you are email us about a bug you have found, please include your Android version, phone model and a screenshot.

How to make Messaging + Google Voice work with the latest version of Google Voice?
Messaging + Google Voice will work flawlessly with the latest version of Google Voice on Android JellyBean+. If you are running an older version of Android, unfortunately you will need to downgrade Google Voice app in order to receive notifications.

You will need to open up Google Voice settings, and set it up exactly as the one in the screenshot. Make sure to choose "Via the Google Voice app" in "Receive text messages" section. Once you do so, you will receive double notifications. One from Google Voice app, and other from Messaging + Google Voice app. In order to completely stop notifications from Google Voice, go to Android Settings and disable notifications for Google Voice app. This is shown in the second screenshot below.

Make sure "Show notifications" box is unchecked. In order to get to this settings, Click on Settings in Android Launcher, then click on Apps and then click Google Voice. It will take you to settings page shown in the above picture.